2024 International Soft Matter Conference Advisory Board Roles

  1. Developing ideas/proposals with topics for scientific sesssions and suggesting them (along with names of potential speakers) to the program committee.
  2. Developing ideas for other events at the conference – roundtable discussions, forums on future directions of soft matter including life and AI, funding, international and cross-country collaborations.
  3. To solicit and discuss proposals of American ISMC 2024.
  4. Council of US regional soft matter organizations to discuss coordination and exchange between regional meeting as well as developing proposals for the ISMC 2024.
  5. Industrial council to design a possible roundtable on basic research for industry: what will in the future replace Bell, Exxon, labs of the past? Nature of jobs for student, nature of research industrial.
  6. What other functions would be good to change Advisory Board with if we are considering this to be the beginning of the new society?
  7. Should we contact editors of the relevant journals asking them for suggestions of topics, inviting them to the conference and, possibly, organizing an event related to publishing (besides poster prizes)?