Super-Molecular Hydrogels with Dr. Robert Weiss of U Conn

UNC Chapel Hill, Chapman Hall, Rm 125 Chapel Hill, NC, United States

Hydrogels are soft 3-D networks formed from hydrated crosslinked water-soluble polymers. Because of their high water-absorbance, softness, flexibility and biocompatibility, hydrogels have applications in biomedical, agricultural, environmental, food and personal care technologies. The main barriers for increased commercialization are their poor strength and fracture toughness and high production costs. Supramolecular hydrogels (SMHs) that use supramolecular … Continue reading "Super-Molecular Hydrogels with Dr. Robert Weiss of U Conn"

7th International Soft Matter Conference 2023

Osaka Convention Center 5 Chrome-3-51 Nakanoshima, Kita, Osaka, Osaka, Japan

The 7th International Soft Matter Conference will be held in Osaka, Japan from September 4-9 in the Osaka Convention Center. The conference is the soft matter community's signature event and features speakers from the leading edge of the field. Topics will include colloidal soft matter emulsions, polymeric soft matter, liquid crystal anisotropic soft matter, self-assembled … Continue reading "7th International Soft Matter Conference 2023"