Postdoc position in stat-phys & comput-biology, Vision Institute in Paris, France

A 2-year postdoc position between the group of U. Ferrari (stat. phys. and 
neuroscience) and D. Dalkara (gene therapy and animal models) will open 
at the Vision Institute in Paris.

The position can start as soon as November 
2020, but it will be open until we will find a suitable candidate.
Project: develop next generation protein-engineering strategies using directed 
evolution guided by machine learning and statistical inference. The aim is to 
engineer new viral vectors for more efficient gene delivery to primate neural tissue. 
Skills: We are looking for a candidate with a background in either statistical physics, 
bioinformatics, or machine learning. Some coding skills are required, basic 
knowledge in molecular biology is not mandatory, but highly valuable. The ability 
to work in interdisciplinary contexts and to interact with experimentalists would 
be much appreciated.

Post expires at 11:28pm on Wednesday December 30th, 2020